Sunday, June 30, 2013

Community Supported Yarn: Variegated

I'm bringing color back! (Sung to a tune by Justin Timberlake.) I'm so excited to announce the newest Community Supported Yarn (CSY) Variegated!! Variegated yarn was my first love and what I originally started dyeing. As my production changed so did the ease of dyeing variegated. I'm happy to say I have found a way to make it efficient and consistent.

What does a share or membership get you? Three skeins over three months, starting in September. On the 15th of each month, September, October, November, I'll ship you a skein(s) of yarn. I'll be dyeing fingering weight yarn: Bling, Single Fingering, and Super Wash Merino Fingering. Each skein is large enough to make the average shawl or pair of socks. The total for this CSY is $81, with shipping in the US $9, Canada $23.10. International, please contact for pricing. With each shipment comes a love letter from me. The inspiration for the color, pattern recommendations and information about upcoming events.

What is Community Supported Yarn? As a small business owner it can take a little extra capital to get projects started and completed. By buying a share or membership, you are helping Knitted Wit grow. What will the CSY fund this round? It really depends on membership. To upgrade to doing variegated to a wholesale capacity, I need to invest $450 into equipment. Ten shares will make this happen!

But I'm aiming a little higher. After five years, my winder is not meeting the capacity of Knitted Wit's growth. What a great problem to have! I'm planning on upgrading to a winder that will wind six skeins at a time or rewind six at a time. This will be double what I am able to do now! In order to purchase the new winder, vertical swifts, and upgrade to variegated dyeing 50 shares need to sell.

This CSY is also limited to 50 shares. Knitted Wit is growing and I am limited in time and woman power to get it all done! Grab your share(s) quick before they sell out!

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