Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Pack Up The Moon

I was lucky enough to get an early copy of Pack Up The Moon from Rachael Herron. This book is beautiful. And heart breaking. It's gorgeously written and I felt my self sinking lower and lower into the book. So many layers to the story. When I got to a really hard part I flipped to the end of the book and read the Q & A with Rachael. Her inspiration was from her day job of 911 dispatch. Wanting to complete the story since she only sees a few minutes of often very difficult stories. As some one who likes to make up stories about everybody I pass by, I can totally understand wanting to wrap up a story. This helped me dig into the story a bit more, but wow did I get my heart broken. I even emailed Rachael to break up with her for a few days. We're back together, trying things out again, but it's a little touch and go.

Reading Pack Up The Moon is sort of like listening to a This American Life story. The story gently unfolds from multiple characters, explains the sorrow of how everyone got to their place in life, and how they will continue on. It felt like such a raw look into someone else's life, so intimate. When I'm done listening to an episode of This American Life I feel connected to humanity. I have grace and understanding for people. When I was done with Pack Up The Moon I felt the same connection. An understanding that everyone has been hurt, nobody escapes pain. And hopefully everyone has the chance to reconnect.

This book is not like any thing Rachael has written. Grab your box of kleenex, make a pot of tea, cozy up with your book and dig in.

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