Monday, October 6, 2014

Knit Mug!!

I was paging through the fund raising catalog for my son and found the best knit mug!!! I'm ordering a bunch for knitty friends. I'll probably be stocking up on wrapping paper too! I got to see the mug in real life the other day, it's even better in person!
You can buy your mug here. Use the student code 140483. When you use this code my son gets the credit and so does his school. I can also see sales based on emails, so you'll be entered to win a skein of Cotton Candy or Victory Sock! Once you've used the student code to log in click on great gifts and home decor, the mug should front and center! There are loads of other fun things to buy of course. 

So why this fundraiser? Our school is a Title I. We have free breakfast and lunch for all students. We are a high poverty school. The PTA is running this fundraiser to give money to each classroom. More is being allocated to the lower grades to be put towards field trips. While the PTA doesn't know about sales being turned in on paper, they can see their internet sales. So far only $700, which the school will get about 40% of. I know we've sold around $450 in mugs. Clearly, we need to sell a lot more!! This fundraiser closes on 10/9. If you purchase after that you can still choose our school and we'll get a smaller proceed, but anything helps! Im off to buy some mugs, wrapping paper, and who knows!!

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  1. I definitely will get the mug-especially given the extra school info! I totally can relate since we came from a Title I school (K-5) and it was not easy for us to fundraise. Everyone wants to tell you to try this and that and they just don't GET that the demographics are such that you just plain don't have the same resources to support big-time fundraising. I know our community had alot of parents working 3-4 jobs/family, language barriers, lack of connections to big money/donations. And there was NO WAY our community could get on board a big auction-the money was just not there to pay the amounts for a dinner and to bid high amounts because "it's for a fundraiser". And many didn't have family or friends or the kind of community to tap into to support high-end sorts of fundraisers that work in more affluent communities, either. Good luck! :X