Monday, May 11, 2009

A Number of First's

It's been busy around here, and not all fiber related. I started a quilting class, in March maybe, where we meet once a month and learn how to make a square. I've learned so much in just the two classes. And probably all the practice I've been getting. To be able to craft as a job would be amazing. I love the sewing but miss the spinning. I was just browsing etsy and drooled quite a bit over the rovings. I don't know what it is about braids of color, they get me every time! But I didn't buy any. I'm placing a huge order for dyeing materials, I can't wait to get started for Sock Summit.

Okay, back to Firsts. So there's the sewing, there's also a sock club. I finished dyeing and re-skeining all 200 skeins of yarn. Yowzer! That was some work. I would love to participate in any club like that again. I learned a lot of great things and feel pretty privileged to be apart of it. I hope all the members like the colors. It's pretty nerve racking doing all that work and not knowing if people are going to like it.

The biggest first is that e turned one this weekend. We had such a great party. There were tons of favorite family and friends. We did miss a few people, but hopefully we'll see them soon. e is also walking! He has been for some time, but I haven't been around here for a while. So with the nice weather and e walking he can play out side and I can type to my heart's content! The only down side is that our back patio is pretty chaotic!

So I'm hoping to get some spinning done while e plays out side. I've been very inspired by the etsy perusing. Other things I'm hoping to accomplish are continued sewing, lots of babies coming. Lots of dyeing with Sock Summit coming up. I'm also hoping to keep the shop updated. Right now those feel a little lofty, but a little discipline can go a long way.

I just got the cutest pictures of e eating oregano. too cute! So only the one picture and no links, but I'm here! I want to learn how to use my flickr account to link pictures and montages. See you around real soon.

eta e's photo!

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