Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Star Sightings

I was in Cool Cottons today when I spotted a local blogger. Well, e actually tried to help her pick out fabric, he has pretty good taste too. Alicia is so nice! I didn't introduce myself, but she was very friendly just like on her blog. Anyways, I was there picking out some sashing for my first baby quilt. I have all the squares made, I need to now assemble and and actually quilt. As soon as I'm done typing I'm going to cut out the back and get a move on this project. The baby shower is June 28, yikes!!

Another little meeting I had was out at Ashland Bay Fiber. I'm switching my base fiber to them instead of Louet. It's nice to be able to drive out and pick it up. Very lovely people too. I'm dying to dye. I've started some more re-skeining in the mean time. I don't think I'll be able to actually dye until June. I seem to have a shortage of sitters. So in the mean time I'm trying to get other things tied up before Sock Summit completely consumes my life. I have to say I'm a little overwhelmed by the opportunity. I really want to make sure I take full advantage of it!

This is what e was up to last blog post!

1 comment:

  1. e's a cutie!

    Looking forward to checking out your new base yarns. How do they compare with the Louet?

    See you tomorrow!