Monday, August 10, 2009

The Decent

Well I survived the Summit. It was a pretty amazing weekend, I think I'm still decompressing in a lot of ways. Some really great contacts were made, a couple new yarn shops are carrying my yarn and fiber! Hopefully an online store soon as well. I think I'm still overwhelmed by it all. I was able to see friends that I only see at shows, great to get some hugs. I also met people I only see online. The collision of virtual and reality is a strange thing. Let's not forget all the famous people I saw! Anne Hanson, Stephanie, Tina, Barbara Walker, Ann Budd, all the members of ST1 and 2. I'm sorry for the lack of links and pics. I think my brain is a little on survival mode! I'll get back here in the next day or so to add some more info and specifics! Thanks for all of you that stopped by the booth!


  1. That was very fun! And exhausting. And exhilarating!

    Thanks for having my patterns in your booth. See you on Wednesday!

  2. it was much fun, but i'm just now feeling like life is a little bit back to normal.