Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'm a quitter

I started this beautiful shawl (ravelry link) with my Dye For Glory entrance SemiSolid Peacock. After doing the first section of lace work and starting the second chart I'm ready to be done. I don't have time to knit that big of a piece! So I'm taking suggestions on a quick knit for shawls. I want to use the Merino Tencel yarn for a sample in my booth, I think the yarn will have a fabulous drape. Some thing I'm not quitting is my three sock samples. I started these all at Sock Summit and I'm to the gusset on all three! There just plain socks, but it's so much fun knitting with the yarn. I really like how the colors are coming together. The bottom sock is Rose City, the top left is Peacock, BaaaBoo yarn, and the right is Peacock on super wash merino.

Something else I'm not quitting on is e sleeping through the night. After having too many nights with not enough sleep I decided it was time to try sleep training again. I'm doing a modified version, what works for us essentially. e sleeps in a bed right next to ours so when he wakes up now I shush him back to sleep or pick him up and bounce around until he's back down. Before I would just nurse and go back to sleep. I realized he was waking up for nothing when I was able to get him back to sleep with no nurse in just a few minutes. This is night three and it's going really well. He's even going to bed earlier. I know there might be a bad night here or there but for now it seems to be working. It seems like developmentally he was ready for this step. He just got these slippers from Nana Kelley and he loved wearing them around!

There hasn't been a lot on the weaving front, but I did get it warped and started weaving last week. I'm not crazy about the tension. I'm thinking about stopping by Ruth's Weaving Studio again to get some pointers. Here's what it looks like all warped. Excuse the messy table in the background! I just realized that it wasn't totally set up in this picture, but you get the point!

Want to know the new places you can find Knitted Wit yarn and fiber? If you are ever in St Paul Minnesota visit The Yarnery. I had the chance to meet the lovely ladies at Lantern Moon's vendor party before Sock Summit started. e actually introduced us, he's pretty good about meeting EVERYbody in the room! I kept running into the ladies at the show and they stopped by at the end to bring some yarn home with them. And if you get to visit Diva Yarn and Trim in Porttownsend Washington you are a lucky duck! Lois, the owner, is a dear. She brought yarn and fiber back to the shop, stop by if you get a chance! She took some treasures. There's a few more places you'll be able to find Knitted Wit soon. Details to follow! I have been trying to put more in the shop too take a peak over there.


  1. All your socks look great! I love all the colorways; it's interesting to see how the BaaBoo and merino take up the dye differently.

    Shawl: I had an easy time with the Shetland Triangle, but even easier may be a stockinette stitch triangle shawl. You can always add a lace border at the end. My fave for shape is the modified triangle that is shallower so not so decidedly pointy at the butt! Let's talk about shawls soon.

    And good luck with the sleep training! I think all three of you are ready.

  2. Thanks for the shawl tip!! After regrets that I did not get this yarn at the Sock Summit, I just ordered it from you with no idea how to use it. I have been knitting too many simple things and am looking forward to a challenge. As the parent of a former toddler, I am completely sympathetic to your sleep issue. It is a matter of retraining but heartbreaking for the Mom. Siamese Mom