Thursday, November 25, 2010

Saturday Sale!

ETA a friend of mine (who's having a crazy sale!) wanted to give a membership, feel free to do the same! In the notes leave the address of where you want the gift to go. That goes for all items in the shop! Nothing like a wooly gift this winter.

So Etsy has coupon codes. I think that's a good excuse to have a sale! Enter SASSY in for your code and get 15% off on Saturday. Saturday is small business shopping day. And I think Knitted Wit qualifies as a small business!

In the shop you'll find some new yarns (did a mini photo shoot in the living room) and the 50G Club. A great way to get a club on the cheap! The club is priced at $42 and shipping is separate. I'm also doing a cheaper shipping option this time. Instead of $4.95 a month it's only $2.50 I think. So if you buy on Saturday it would be....42.08. Basically the shipping is free! I just realized I haven't showed you what Sept/Oct/Nov clubs looked like. I have pictures of what the yarn turned in to but I forgot to take pictures of the treats!

September, Caramel, I sent little salted chocolate caramels from Alma Chocolates here in town. The b-e-s-t chocolate you will ever eat!

November, Watermelon, I sent a tote bag that my husband air brushed and I dyed. You can't have enough bags right?

I'm having major issues with my camera/computer loosing photos so you'll have to go to the project page to see October's yarn. It's call Streaking, not the naked kind. What did I send... some little tags to label gifts and cute stitch markers from Lantern Moon.

I think I might start a fiber club too. Three months at a time with 4 oz of fiber, mainly featuring sheep with a few silks/tencel/bamboo thrown in. What do you think? I think I'll put that in the shop too. $50 for three months, plus shipping. The coupon will work on this too! So much fun to be had! ETA it's now in the shop!!

I wanted to share some pictures from the photo shoot. It might explain why I don't get a lot listed in the shop!

Everybody in position. e wanted to 'work' too

wow, what beautiful yarn!

just out of lenses view

I took this yarn out of the box and e was amazed, he had to kiss it he loved it so much. He did that when I was knitting the watermelon hat too. When I told him I was making it for a baby he came over and kissed the yarn. Even after I said it wasn't for baby o he still liked it! Such a sweetie.

So I know we're all shopping and getting ready for the holidays but I wanted to share a place to give to. Check out this blog post and see all of the amazing quilts that are being given away for only $10 a ticket! Amazing!

Happy shopping this weekend and take advantage of SASSY on Saturday!!

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