Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Catch Up

So it's been a little busy, surprising I know! So there was a sale at the studio, a birthday party, a potluck at the neighbors house, music class, meet up with a friend, farmer's market, trick or treating. And that was only Saturday and Sunday! I took a million pictures the last little while, but I think I'm going to send them directly to flickr and put a few here. I finally recovered all the pictures, they're on the desk top and laptop and external hard drive. Paranoid? Yes. But don't you know it I need to upgrade my flickr account, so they're not there yet.

I got some spinning done, I need to take the yarn off the bobbin and wash it. I used a bat I bought online a year ago. I spun it up to go from yellow to orange to hot pink to purple. Pretty amazing! I'm thinking a shawl in garter stitch. I didn't do the best job spinning, it started out pretty thin and ended a little thick! I'll secure some pictures tomorrow.

And the knitting, yikes I need pictures of the knitting! I'm working on holiday gifts, a few hats are in progress. I need to start another one and a cowl or two. I also need to cast on the knitting projects for the November 50G Club. This is the last installment for this session. But just you wait, there will be more! I feel like this a total drive by blogging but it's what I got.

Here's a picture from today. We went up to Oma's house to help with some house repairs. Or not, it won't load. Grrrr. Imagine lots of trees with beautiful sun light. I'll get them on flickr and share the link. I think I'll also come back more focused. One can have hope!

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