Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Busy as a Bee

But who isn't right?! So I told you about some knits I'm working on. I managed to take pictures, shocking, I know! So there's the shawl. Really crummy picture, but you get the jist. All garter (with a couple of increases) all the time!

I'm knitting on short circs so I can't spread it out and see how big it is. I'm leaving the bright pink to orange. I think I told you that the batt is pretty amazing. I'm really bummed that the business is no longer on line. I've tried contacting the artist, I would love to own more! There might be a few for sale on ravelry, but I might beat you to them!

Another not amazing picture. The color isn't quite right, but you get the idea, it's beautiful!

I'm also test knitting a pattern for a designer that used my yarn!!! Super excited. I'm hoping to have kits ready at the beginning of February. Perfect for small people in your life. Speaking of February, if you are going to Stitches West you can find Knitted Wit at the PicoAccuardi Dyeworks booth! I wish I could make the journey, but can't be done this year with Owen. TNNA did us in for a little while :) Many thanks for PADyeworks getting my yarn into the world.

Which also reminds me! Did I tell you that Clever Knits in Vista California has Knots? They are carrying one ounce bumps of merino (knots), perfect for spinning, needle felting or knitting even!

These are the colors available this season.

Monarch Knitting and Quilts is also carrying Knitted Wit! Bling and Sock It To Me (50g of merino/nylon yarn) will be in their shop soon! Thanks for visiting this little corner of the world. Maybe we should have a little give away soon. I miss hearing from readers ; )

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