Monday, January 17, 2011

Keeping Busy

I got two new projects up and running. Both are social for you to participate in! You can go here and join the Ravelry group. And you can go here and Like my facebook page. There's a secret part of me that feels vain for starting these, I'm also really excited to promote Knitted Wit in these spaces. You'll find out about sales, shows, new colors, new stores carrying Knitted Wit and more!

I'm also keeping busy on my needles. I started a sweater with some PicoAccuardi yarn. It's beautiful! I'll try to get some pictures in the day time real soon. My mindless knitting is this shawl. I'm using hand spun yarn so I bumped my needles size up to 11. I'm sure it will be monsterous, but it'll be cozy. I don't know if I'll be keeping it yet. I keep thinking about that while I'm knitting. Does somebody in my life need this? Or a charity maybe? I don't have a picture of the progress, but here is what the batt looked like before I spun it up (it's the top right one, blurry picture!)

Here is the yarn (strange shot, I know). I took the batt apart and separated the colors so it's spun from light to dark. I'm knitting dark to light, so the bright yellow/white will be on my shoulders. Pictures of in progress will happen in day light!

I hope you can join the groups and follow along in the adventure!

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