Wednesday, March 2, 2011

CSY/F Follow Up

I wanted to go a little deeper in the details of the CSY/F. I've been getting some inquires so I want to cover the general questions, but if you think of more let me know!

What are the yarns? This is the most exciting part (to me)! There are going to be three fingering weight yarns and two worsted. The three fingering weights are all very different. A singl
e ply, great for a lace project. A sock yarn, and Bling, great for a little shawlette. There are two worsted weight yarns, one is a silk/wool blend, Silky and Single. A beautiful drape, single ply. The other worsted yarn is thick/thin single ply.

I love all these yarns, each unique. I'll be posting more information about each one as it's shipped out. Two of the yarns I already carry, but want to invest more in. Bling and Silky and Single are both gorgeous and need to be knitted! They both take color magically.

Speaking of color: I'm going to stick with mostly semi solid, or color on color. I think the only variegated yarn is going to be the sock yarn, a blend of wool and bamboo.

When does the CSY/F close? Well, I want to ship out the first batch May 15th. I think April 30th will be the last day to purchase a share. I'm flexible about payment though. If you need to take from now until then to purchase the full share let me know. We can work some magic.

I want to thank everybody that has tweeted or blogged about the CSY/F! This is my special project and I can't tell you how much it means to me that you want to share it! Incase this is your first time you're hearing about this check out the blog post or here for all the details!

e is helping me wind yarn for a recent order. He might need to talk to his union rep though, he didn't even get to stop work for his lunch! He's a big help turning the winder on and off. (please ignore the GIANT pile of clothes that need to get folded. It's constant around here.)

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  1. I am so looking forward to this. And I love you know!