Thursday, July 7, 2011


I want to apologize now for being a little distant this month. My yarn arrives today (hopefully) or tomorrow to dye up for Sock Summit. That is in less than 20 days. YIKES!!! I'm not too freaked out about it but I know I'm going to be short on time with the boys home and trying to get new colors on new yarn.

Also not helping the distractions? Tour de Fleece. I've spun a lot since July 2nd! I have two cakes that need to be plied and I'm almost done with a giant 8 oz bump. I've realized in stash diving that my taste has changed since I've started spinning. I want to take pictures of the stash and put in up on Ravelry to trade/sell. The problem with stashing sometimes, outgrowing personal taste. Definitely makes me want to use up what I have now while I still like it!

Yet another distraction? Sewing!! My neighbor, the one who sewed that cute little bag for me, has been busy sewing and tricking me into joining her! I traced a pattern out last night and I'm hoping to cut it out today. I'm also going to get a couple of yards of fabric to make the boys a tent for the back yard. e will be in heaven!

I did get all my lace repeats done on Marrowstone. I need to pick up all my stitches and get to work. How are you doing on Marrowstone? What's keeping you busy/distracted this July?

ohoh!! One last thing. I dyed up July's shipment for the CSY/F. Still time to join for July/Aug/Sept. People, this month is beautiful!!!

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  1. I took Marrowstone to my parent's house for my crafty project. It went well, but I had to take out 1 1/2 lace repeats as I had somehow managed to do them reversed. The right side became the left somehow. No doubt it was all the fault of Monty Python. I did that part during The Meaning of Life. Seems sortof apropos.
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