Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

The boys and I made it down to Eugene on Friday and had a great time. Well, e probably had a better time than o. o was stuck in the stroller most of the time, he'll have plenty of fun next year! e was great with all the critters and made a few friends with the ranchers. It was great to see him so confident with the animals and meeting new people.

On Sunday night we hustled out to the beach to go camping for a few nights. Sadly we only lasted one night with all the rain we had on Monday. There is only so much you can do in a tent with a 1 and 3 year old! I managed to knit only a little on my Marrowstone Shawl. I have 3.5 repeats done of the lace. I love how clever I feel knitting the pattern!
Future fleece inspector
It was nice coming home a little early and having E watch the boys while I got work done. I had a chance to look at the calendar and start planning the next few weeks prep for Sock Summit. Almost induced a panic attack! Time to schedule some baby sitters! And in that light I have to scoot to get a little knitting in for the day. Add Image

Is anybody doing Tour de Fleece? I would love to but I'm not totally sure when I'll find the time.


  1. I had to go find out what the heck Tour de Fleece was. LOL!! I signed up for the Rookie group. I need to spin anyway and a little each day is a good motivation. Thanks!!

  2. Sock Summit is just around the corner! And I'm crazy busy until then. July is flying by, and it's not even here yet!