Monday, November 21, 2011

Stash Local

I had the best time on Sunday at Stash Local in Corvallis! Michele was great for the mini road trip, a perfect navigator. We're already planning the next road trip down. I would love to see more of Corallis, super charming.
Let's see some pictures!!
This is Sonia, and could she be any cuter?! Her store is a treasure. I loved all the fixtures and furniture, Sonia you have fantastic taste! While I was at the shop I kept wanting to cast on, so much inspiration. I did get a pattern for the next sweater. That's right, next sweater. And I got four sweet little buttons (that I forgot to snap a picture of). They kick started a huge chain of inspiration. Spring colors are started!! (and finding her shop on etsy? I want them all!!)
A lovely little trunk show for you! Michele and a friend discussing sons in college in the back ground. I loved watching people put together color combinations for This Little Ziggy. Kits are in the shop!
These three colors Silas, Abigail and Rig are going to be Earth & Sky Shawl, Stephen West's mystery KAL. I am so excited to see that knit up! I'll take a picture next time I see the knitter!
Michele and her beautiful spread of samples. She's been busy! We had a chance to plan a few pattern/yarn ideas for next year too! Stay tuned for that!

Tomorrow a super delayed shipment of yarn arrives so it's the focus until it's dyed and ready to deliver to shops. I'm going to try and squeeze a little update in of Bulkan. There's a new color that I'm crazy about!

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  1. That was a great day! Glad we got to see the new Stash.

    Dye, dye, dye!