Wednesday, November 30, 2011

WIP Wednesday

How are you? I've been having some crazy marathon dye days. But it can't be avoided when all the yarn arrives the same day! So with 75% of the dyeing done, I'm starting to breath a little easier. I have managed to squeeze in some knitting, mainly rows on my cardigan. Are you knitting along? Where are you on your sweater? I have about 3-4 inches left before I split for the front and back. It's been the perfect go to, don't have to think and I can just knit!

I'm about to reward myself with a new project...maybe. I have a new yarn and I'm dying to try it out!
Feather Weight is a beautiful fingering weight yarn. 250 yards~2oz, a rustic soft yarn from Wyoming. Similar in make to Cypress Hollow, but softer and a tighter ply. I'm in heaven people! I already have my pattern, Pei, and if I wasn't so tired I'd be casting on tonight! Have you seen the patterns in the Loft Collection? So many to knit! Feather Weight would be a great yarn for these patterns.

Last bit of news: the newsletter goes out tomorrow! It might be towards the end of the day, but it will be going out! The announcement for the new knit along that starts on Winter Solstice, a winner for the KAL (pattern and yarn, just have to sign up for newsletter to qualify), and a secret sale! So sign up to be in the know!

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  1. You have been a dye-maniac these past few days. Congrats on getting it all done!