Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Howdy! I feel like it's been forever! I think I'm learning that it takes a full week to recover from a show. Especially a show where I drive to california with two young boys and I'm away from home for a week! Yikes, what was I thinking?! So thankful the boys are great travelers! Speaking of, I made them new hats over the weekend. I got the yarn friday night at Twisted and I had to cast on right away. By monday morning I was attaching the ties and giving them a light steam block. Pretty cute right?
Of course you can't really see the hats in this picture, but the boys are pretty cute still.

I also finished the yellow brick road socks, but I need to redo the toes. I decreased too quick and they're actually too small for her wee feet. When I was taking pictures I couldn't locate the project bag, so you can use your imagination. Small socks, go.

The sweater is chugging along, but I don't believe it will be done by thanksgiving. Here's hoping for solstice! I've done the decreases and now I'm just knitting for 7 more inches. It's the perfect knit for picking up and putting down. I'm either knitting or purling. While the rows are long, I just push them back on the needles if I have to stop mid row.
I am starting to out grow the project bag a little, but it's so pretty I don't want to move up yet. I got this bag at Knitting Lab. There's not much in the shop now, but keep an eye on it. She makes quality bags.

I started another quick knit, Xeriscape. I'm a little obsessed! I've been wanting to have a garter project and this is perfect. Somebody tweeted that the red scarf project needed 1300 more scarves by December 15th and I knew which yarn immediately I wanted to use! Thanks to ravelry, I plugged in the yarn stats and came up with the great pattern. Check out red scarf project, it's a great program. Foster care kids have a major place in my heart. I bet you have the perfect shade of red for a scarf too!
And I have to say, this picture has been altered a bit. The yarn is more red in person, not so pink. It's crazy hard taking a picture in the (lack of) light!

Trunk Show coming up on Sunday. If you'll be in the Corvalis area, stop by Stash between 1-4 to party with me and Michele! Lots of samples, yarn and patterns!!

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