Monday, September 17, 2012

Tell Me Something Good Monday: Our Dog

We had a beautiful weekend in Seattle and a great time with everyone at Fiber Gallery! Thank you so much to everybody that came out and visited!! There are some beautiful projects about to happen.
Sunday morning at Golden Gardens park. 
While we were in Seattle our dog Jake went up to Oma's house for the weekend. Jake is a german shepherd and a pretty serious one. He was a show dog as a puppy and won blue ribbons, but his trainer had an incident with him and returned him to Eric's aunt, the breeder. We got him at about 1 1/2 in 2005. So, we're driving home and Oma calls me to let me know how the weekend went. 

Oma and Jake got up to the mountain, they live near Welches on Mount Hood, and she showed Jake where the water was. She was about to play some fetch to wear him out before putting him in the pin and her girl shepherd gave a growl on the other side of the door. Oma has two girl dogs that tend to beat up on Jake now that he's a little older. We all know this and keep them separate. Well, the growl was enough to spook Jake. He bolted! Oma hopped in the trekker to go find him and checked in with the neighbor who saw him run by. All night they called for him but he didn't show up. 

The next day they get a call from the Clackamas County Animal Shelter, Jake had been found. An elderly couple that volunteers at the humane society decided it was the perfect day to go for a drive on Mt Hood. They found Jake one mile east of Sandy, 15 miles from Oma's house. He was on the south side of highway 26, so we think he didn't cross the highway. He was headed home!

We are so grateful that someone stopped and helped our dog and knew what to do! Jake is chipped and they were able to track him to us. Since we aren't able to get in touch with the couple, I thought I'd shout it from the blog to the universe, thank you. We are so happy our dog is safe at home! Yay technology and kind people!
Owen being silly at the restaurant! 
small disclaimer on this post, I've caught the crud from the kids. If this story isn't complete in some way I apologize! 

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  1. My biggest fear is one of the puppers getting out and just running. I'm so glad Jake was found and taken in!