Tuesday, November 18, 2008

all cables all the time

I might have gotten slightly distracted from e's cable sweater.  I replaced it with another cable. Michele talked me into making the sweater piece I was making into a pillow.  It didn't take much convincing!  I was feeling like I would never get the sweater done in time, but this way I can still have this beautiful piece, finish at my leisure (ha!) and e will have a sweet little keepsake.  So, what am I cabling now?
I first spotted this on Radiant Twist's blog.  I had to cast on right away!  So I dug in the stash of Knitted Wit and found Stolen Easter Basket in sport weight.  This picture shows the color more accurately.  
I'm trying to have some examples for future shows and this is working perfectly.  It's going really fast which helps with any knit!  I've just started the cable portion.  I would have kept going but I wanted to catch up a little here!  e is taking an amazingly long nap so I thought I would use it wisely.  There hasn't been much sleep around here lately.  

About a week ago Daisy and I finally had a chance to sew up stockings.  They were packed with goodies in Salem and sent to troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.  
It was started by a Marine Mom and the program grows every year.  It was quite easy and quick and of course felt good to give.  We assembly lined the project with Daisy cutting, me sewing, then adding the trim.  

I think other crafty things have occurred but the brain is mushy.  Daisy and I have plotted out the month of December to get our craft on to prepare for the holidays.  Lots of baked goods are happening this year, which is always a favorite of mine to receive!  

e is now up and I can't remember anything else I was going to blog about.  But we're a little caught up.  Hopefully I'll be here again soon.

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  1. Deadline knitting is tough, and e was going to be able to wear that sweater for a week before he outgrew it! So a pillow is a great thing. e can wear Ryan's really cute Aran jacket when he gets older (18 mos?). Yikes, I just realized that means the jacket is about 13 years old.

    The stockings are really cute, and will be very appreciated!

    Gotta go cram some guitar practice in; teacher wants to sing in class tonight and I won't play the piano on the fly...