Monday, November 3, 2008

checking to-do's off the list

I had a lovely play date with Daisy yesterday.  e hung out in the laundry basket and had a play date with his toys.  I made a necklace, Daisy made some earrings.  I have some motivation to make a few more things.  I feel anxious when I have all these crafting supplies and nothing done with it.  

We filled out our ballots and sealed our envelopes.  We'll drop them off at the library tomorrow with e and E.  I think it is so important to teach e the importance of participating in elections.  E was telling me about some of his coworkers who have never voted and don't see the value in doing it.  grrr.  The trip to the library will also be a first for e.  We read books that we have here at home, but we've never checked any out with him.  The possibilities are endless.  

Since the last post we've all had some kind of cold.  I'm functioning but not joyfully.  e I think has recovered for the most part, he was the happiest thru the whole thing.  E is suffering from a sore throat, the man who never gets sick even when I have had mono!  Not to mention that Jake is still sick.  That is the state of affairs in the Kelley house.

I have gotten a ton of spinning done.  I think this is my fall back when I get stressed.  The wheel is a good place to go.  I have six skeins to wash up for posting.  I also have a ton of yarn and fiber to post.  The list is long.  Enter Henna Mae the amazing baby sitter.  She hasn't baby sat since before OFFF.  I can't wait.  She has a genuine love for e and he really likes her too.  I get to hang around and get things done and nurse when I'm needed.  It's a pretty good life.  So on to make the list of to-do's while she's here. 

Thank you so much for your voting stories!  There is still time to leave a comment about your voting experience, or just telling me that you voted.  The prize is fiber, yarn or handspun.  Whatever floats your boat.  Comment by Nov 5th and I'll announce the winner shortly after.

Remember, we're voting for the future!


  1. I *think* I told you that I voted last week. Can't wait until this is over!

    Sorry you're all under the weather. I'm not sleeping enough and I have a sore throat...uh-oh.