Thursday, November 6, 2008

and the winner is...

All of us!!  Yea Obama!  But the winner of the contest is... Michele!  Too funny.  Thanks to all you for sharing your voting day stories.  We went to the library to drop off ours in the box.  e woke up just in time, right when the library was opening.  I told E that I wanted a picture and he was pretty reluctant.  That's why it's a crappy shot.  He was a little embarrassed that I made him take a picture of us voting.  But it's a big deal to me and I'm proud of it!  Okay, another lack of photo, I can't seem to get it from the phone to my email.  Dang it!  Michele let me know what you want!  Yarn, handspun?  

Life is coming at us fast.  E's schedule is getting mixed around (small scandal is the reason, not involving E, but affecting him), I'm adding a day to my work schedule and e popped another tooth!  Geesh.  It's hard looking at all the things I want to do sitting on my desk and I can't play with.  I was able to wash my hanspun which is nice to cross off the list.  I could babble on about the things I'm not getting to.  

Lets talk about the positive things.  We have a new president!  I didn't even know I was that upset about the current political situation until it changed.  Breathing became easier.  It seems to be a common thread I've read on many blogs.  

I'll try to get back here sunday with a picture of current life.  Here's e trying to put life in his mouth.  A few days later I noticed a tooth!  Explains a lot!

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  1. Mmmmm, how about some blue or purple yarn, not sock weight? (You know how I am with skinny needles...) We'll figure it out!