Sunday, November 9, 2008


The baby who won't sleep is actually sleeping.  I trying to take advantage of the free hands and brain so I won't be long.  I'm going to be posting a bunch of fiber to the store... as long as he's asleep.  Tomorrow I'm planning a yarn shoot and I'll start posting a ton of fingering weight yarn to the shop too.

We are starting a new tradition around here.  Craft Sunday.  Daisy will be over shortly to make stockings for Marines oversea.  I don't know where she heard about this but I'll post some pics and linkys when the day is over.  Hope your Sunday is crafty!

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  1. My Sunday is foodie, not crafty. I'm making turkey (pre-function!) and having Mom over for dinner. She has her Thanksgiving in LA, so why not have a little before she goes? ;-)