Monday, June 22, 2009

And the Winner's Are

Sally is the winner of the Knitting Needle case from Lantern Moon. Michele won the skein of blue sock yarn, even though she doesn't knit socks! Yvonne won the braid of fiber for spinning. My coworker Nichole won the lavender sachets. Helen won the skein of yarn dyed to her liking. Daisy won the newsletter from Deb and a skein of yarn to accompany it. Sandra won the skein of hand spun yarn. Thank you to everyone who donated money! Then walk was a great family event and I'll share pictures as soon as I get them from Daisy!

A lot of behind the scene action around here. I'm almost done with a secret little baby project, I'll put up pictures next week. Lot's of dyeing and general getting ready for Sock Summit. I'm in booth #223, please visit!


  1. Wheeeeee; I'm still on a winner's roll! Thank you; I look forward to playing with this lovely blue yarn.

  2. well, I had this nice comment all typed out and now my computer is being funky!

    I was so happy to be able to contribute to your walk and just as happy to be a winner! Thanks so much!

  3. And there are many things that can be knit with sock yarn...