Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Planning Ahead

e almost one year ago to the day!
This summer feels like the busiest one in my life! Besides all the yarn fun in my future, there are several babies being born. The first one that is expected will be e's cousin. I can't wait to meet the little babe. I'm almost finished with the quilt from my class. Tomorrow night I'm hoping to get some hands on help from the teacher on putting all the squares together. We're doing a quilt as you go method, so all my blocks are already quilted. Once they are sewn together I'll attach binding. I'm nervous about that part too! I'm taking a trip this weekend and I think that might be a good project to bring along when e takes a nap. Sort of wishful thinking that I'll get something done, but idle hands...

All the yarn and fiber I dyed on Monday is just about dried. Tomorrow my mom is coming back over to babysit! so hopefully I'll get it all put away before I leave on Saturday. I'm going to a wedding on my way up to Blaine. I'm so excited to see friends and family for a few days! Everybody met e last summer when he was three and a half months old. He cut his first tooth up there! Now he's walking and talking like a cave man! Lots of grunts and fingering pointing. I'm a little nervous about being gone for five nights with just me and e. Mainly about how tired I'll be when I get home! But all the kids will be home and plenty of entertainment with e! I'm also a little nervous that Sock Summit is 8 weeks away now and I'm loosing two dye days! But two is that many and I'll get to see family! When I get back my friend Daisy will be watching e a couple days a week while I dye. e is in love with Daisy, they always have a great time. Knowing she'll be watching him makes me feel more confident that I'll get loads done! Gosh I sound like a big pile of anxiety!

Come back tomorrow when I'm a little calmer. I'll be reviewing all the prizes in the basket you could win!


  1. Sock Summit is only 8 weeks away? Yikes!

  2. Happy Birthday to little e!
    And best of luck for getting ready for Sock Summit! :)