Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Equinox

So, it's been a while. Sorry about that. I think after sock summit I needed some nights off. And e sleeps in his crib, all night. So I can't use the computer (the main one) in his room. But I'm sure you'll understand it's more important that he sleeps than I blog!! I think after OFFF life will be rearranged a little and we'll sink into a fall routine. One can hope anyways. One improvement around here is my new set of wheels! This is not the one I bought, but just like it. You would be amazed at how much yarn and fiber fit in there! Now I can drive Knitted Wit around and e!

Here's a quick reminder of what's going to happen at OFFF:
I'm going to have a seconds bin with merino that aren't up to par, they'll be half off. Four ounces of wool for $7!!! I'll also have a discontinued bin with corriedale, shetland and select BFL. $10 a braid, regularly $14. Pretty exciting.

My new little idea is Create Your Own Colorway. One ounce balls of color for you to mix and match to create what you want. Spin it, felt it, create with it. $3 a ball. If you spin up a colorway you're crazy about send me a pic and I'll start dyeing it. You can even name it. I dyed all the colors today and they are rich. I'm so excited to see what people create. This idea has come from moms asking me for wool to do felting projects with their kiddos. So excited to do that with e one day.

AND!!! Bling yarn will be available! Merino, Silk, Nylon and Silver. That's right, silver. I'm going to focus on dyeing the Bling in solid colors because it seems to get used as shawls for the most part. I will do a few variegated ones, Peacock, Ladies that Lunch, Umpqua Valley, maybe a few more favorites. You may have heard that the yarn was having production problems, but they are ironed out. I'm very excited about debuting Bling at OFFF. If you have a request for a solid or variegated color way let me know.

So there are a few things going on behind the scenes here. A few new places to find Knitted Wit yarn, a few (too many) projects on the needles, and a new spinning wheel that is almost here. You know what else is keeping me busy is e. This picture is right after his first hair cut. I still miss his curls but not all the tangles! What a cutie. Lately he's been snuggling with me and not just nursing. He's not been known to sit still for anything! He's also saying please and thank you. Well, Pea and Anku. He also likes to test me when I say no. He looks me square in the eye and tries again. Nothing like a healthy toddler. Still on the family front, E is doing well too. He's added food to his diet and feels strong. That seems like a simple little statement, but in the 8 years we've been together he's only eliminated food. So life is feeling pretty grand.

I hope you are able to make it to OFFF if you live in the area. Stop by and say hi, it's great seeing people!


  1. i am out of town this weekend. have a great time!!!

  2. Congrats on the wheels! That will be very fun, and useful, too.

    Create Your Own Colorway: perfect! We have done felting projects with roving, and it was great. And I remember a science fair project involving rates of felting with *variables* (oh, the joys of middle school science fair!).

    I'm looking forward to seeing Bling. Solids sound perfect, and I think semi-solid would be great, too.

    And e's haircut looks sweet! Ryan needs one, too, but I'm sure he won't let me do it. I wouldn't!