Tuesday, September 1, 2009

You'll never guess

So it's been a little busy around here. Last week e was out of day care and that threw life in to a spin. The thing you'll never guess is e's sleep. It went in the tank last week, or at least my patience for it did. I thought I was going to add that to my Quitter List. BUT last night I told him it was bed time, kissed him good night and laid him down in the crib. I walked out of the room and he was asleep in 3!! minutes. Tonight we were down to two. At day care she lays him down in the crib and walks out with no fuss. I thought I would give it a try and so far a success. He did wake up a few times last night, but that's the next step it feels like. Thanks for indulging my parenting story. This has been such a major part of my life-no sleep.

On to other things in life. I've started Ishbel. I've jumped on the wagon and I'm so happy! A very easy knit so far, I haven't hit the lace yet. Seems easy enough. I'm using Shine SemiSolid Peacock. Very lovely. I think it will show off the yarn well for OFFF. I also started knitting a hat, the one that's on the cover of Vogue Knitting. So cute. I need to knit a little more before I know if the yarn is too distracting from the pattern.

Sorry there's no pictures. Life is just starting to settle down this week. I'll try to get some tomorrow. If I have time between all the canning! I'm so excited to be in the kitchen. My mom's coming down to help keep an eye on e and give me moral support. I'm making pickled carrots with rosemary and spicy dilly beans and dills. Mmmm. I'll definitely takes pictures of that! I'm off to knit before I fall asleep. I'm still in complete awe that e went to sleep all on his own.

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  1. Yay, sleep!

    Is this your first time canning? Are you using a pressure cooker (low acid foods)?

    I love the way your Ishbel is looking; the yarn is so pretty for it. Ditto for the hat. Semi-solid peacock is so gorgeous!