Thursday, October 21, 2010

a quickie!

It's late but I wanted to share a few things, we'll go with bullets

*the dyeworks is moving! more info later about this but what you need to know is we're (Pico Accaurdi Dyeworks and Me!) having a halloween sale that has morphed into a moving sale! Info here

*since we're moving to Oak Grove (milwaukie area, just south of portland) I needed to find child care for e. I'm going to visit tomorrow morning, pretty excited. It's a one acre farm with critters, and older kids that are home schooled. e will be worn out and have so much fun! Pics after the visit!!

*there are now 20 items in the shop, pretty happy about that! trying to add more every night. See anything you like?

*have you heard about this? I'm so excited to be a dyer with the other fabulous ladies! Wow. I'm pretty sure I'll be joining. I can't miss out on these yarns and patterns!

*I think that's it. o is teething and not sleeping. I really need to go to bed while he's out. good night!

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