Friday, October 29, 2010

another reminder

There's a sale tomorrow. I'm pretty excited I get to be there the whole day. I get to spin. I think the last time I did any spinning was at the farmer's market in August! I just figured out what I'm going to bring! I bought four bats last year right before we found out I was pregnant. I don't even think they made it on the blog. I am going to corner Debby and have a little tutorial on how to spin from a bat! I'm going to remember the camera tomorrow too. I'll bring pictures back and share.

I think I mentioned last night that I last all my pictures, well an internet search and $29 later, I have them all back! I'm hoping to spend the next few naps organizing the desktop computer/external hard drive/laptop. I'm moving files and tiding up Knitted Wit. Nothing like trying to be the most efficient me I can be! In honor of putting all the pictures on the laptop, here is an oldie but goodie. e last year at halloween.

I can't believe how much he's changed. He's been up at Oma's for the last few nights and when we talked tonight he asked if I was coming up. I think he's ready to come home! Of course as soon as he was off the phone he was on to the next fun thing--a bath!

I'm off to start another holiday present. I have two on the needles, but what's another one right?

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