Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Maryland Sheep and Wool & Summer Camp & a Winner

I'm happy to announce that Knitted Wit will be at Maryland Sheep and Wool!! Well, my yarn and fiber will be. I super wish I was going with it! Cloverhill Yarn is hosting me and other indie dyers. Check out their blog to see who else they're hosting, I'm in some pretty good company! Booth #27 for those that are planning their shopping weekend.

Speaking of shows, did you see Sock Summit went live?! 60 teachers!! I'm still going through the vendor list and finding new people to get excited about! Sock Summit seems like the icing on the cake people, epic. I'll have to dream up something to debut at the show. I'm excited to see a map of the market place too. I'm secretly hoping to be by all my buddies!

Back to where Knitted Wit is popping up. The Handwork Studio is a genius idea of summer camps all over the US hosted at schools. There are so many different hand crafts that are covered, including sewing, needle felting, knitting and many more. I love the way the programs work. Who knows how The Knots will be used, but they'll have lots of colors to choose from! Sadly I don't have any currently in the shop, but I'll get on that ASAP!
On to the Winner! From the comments left on the Facebook page...Sandy, you are a winner!!!! I'll be popping the yarn and pattern in the mail to you tomorrow! Sakura fingering is officially sold out in the shop, but if there's an interest I'll dye some more up. Otherwise I'm listing more semi solids to choose from along with variegated. I'm super close to finishing my first Octavia, gotta get ready for the Knit A Long starting May 1!!

Small side note about Sakura, $185 has been donated to Mercy Corp so far! Thank you so much for getting money to Japan.


  1. Not that I can't get there on my own, but your Sock Summit link goes to the Cloverhill site. :) Thought you might want to know.

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