Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Little Shopping

Last weekend was the Columbia Gorge Fiber Festival (have you put it on your calendar for next year?!) and I did a little shopping. I got a bag from Alpha B, I can't remember who she gets it from, but they'll both be at Sock Summit. And I just realized I don't have a picture, darn! But it's getting lots of use.

Next I got some fiber from Woolgatherings. I'm a huge fan and could have bought about 4 times as much! Feeling pretty good about only getting two braids.
I'm a major fan of her and the colors she uses. I could gush all day if you let me! And she is at Sock Summit. Watch out people! Next I stopped in at Brooke's booth, Sincere Sheep. Brooke does natural dyeing and has beautiful soft colors.
I went with a natural cormo silk blend. So beautiful and soft! It's like a cloud, which I think the picture captured. Brooke suggested I do a three ply, which I've never done. So I have three little 2 oz bundles and I can't wait to get started. If you get some we do a spin a long! I think I want to do a-long for everything!!
I'm trying to be responsible and clear off the bobbins. So far I've plied up one project and have another one that is in a cake and ready to go. THEN I'll get crackin on the cormo silk. Yum!
I might have done a little shopping on line before the show too. Black Trillium is beautiful! She'll be at Sock Summit in Twisted's booth. I'm hoping we'll have a meet up in May, our two little one's are about a week or so a part and both tanks! I see a photo op in o's future! Melanie, the genius behind Black Trillium is doing a fundraiser for cystic fibrosis. She has some great prizes, including Ladies That Lunch from moi! Every $5 gets you a ticket to win a prize. One prize is 5 skeins of Malabrigo! I'm in!!!


  1. You are evil! ;-) I have been trying really really hard not to get any new fiber, but I just can't resist that cormo silk! I have 6 ounces coming to me. I won't be able to spin in probably until July for Tour de Fleece. How about then for your spin-along?

  2. Oh goodie! I can't wait to hear what you both think of the cormo/silk!

    BookGirl - Your shipment is going out tomorrow!

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