Saturday, May 14, 2011

What a Week!

But we've all far! e and o had a nasty little virus with an unpleasant name, and o is teething. I think 3-4 teeth, so there's been lots of snuggles. And not a lot of anything else it feels like. I did get some spinning done the other day. I'm working on a three ply, a very skinny three ply.
the color in this picture is pretty accurate

I've put it aside for a few days so I could catch up on my Octavia shawl. Brooke was teasing me that she was finished with the third repeat so I go cracking. Sadly I only caught up to the end of the third repeat! Where are you at on your shawl? I've decided that I need to be done with the next two repeats by May 20th. That gives me plenty of time I think to get the feather and fan border done before the 31st.
I've figured out what the next knit a long's going to be but I need to email the designer real fast. I'll post details next time. I hope your weekend is restful and relaxing!