Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mini Update

How was your weekend? We squeezed two birthday parties in one day and that felt like five weekends in one day. Then for Mother's Day we went to The Land where the Oma's live. A nice restful day. Monday was e's 3rd birthday and a great day. We did lots of fun things, maybe too many fun things. I got a call from e's school today that he was gray and had a fever. He came home and had a nice long nap then was sick all over me and o. Poor guy. Both boys aren't feeling great. Hopefully it won't last too long. Both neighbor families have had the pukes and it lasted a week in each house. Crossing our fingers it was just too much birthday partying. Enough sick talk!

So where are you in your shawl? I've finished one flower repeat. I need to get cracking, it's the 10th already! I'm being distracted by a spinning project and it's slowing the knitting down. I usually do a two ply that comes out around a worsted. This wool wanted to be a very skinny possible three ply. Yep, obsessed. I'm outta here and going to knit. Sorry for the fly by with no pictures! I'll be back soon with those.


  1. Oh, noes! Hope e is feeling better soon.

  2. I've finished 3 flower repeats! I'm going to try and get a photo today so I can show it off.