Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Time Warp

Sorry for the radio silence! I'm going to blame it on the boys and their busy body ways. o is walking in full force and climbing. He can climb up the chair and sit at the table. He can climb up the stairs to the slide at the park. He wants to go down the slide face first. Busy body only starts to cover it. He's also getting in six teeth. Thank you kids for taking the blame!

There's lots to cover and I think a list will help
  • The winner of yarn and pattern for the next knit a long is Leigh! Thanks for participating in the last knit a long.
  • Knit a long II starts next Tuesday on the Solstice. Marrowstone is a beautiful shawl and I think will be great in Shine. How about 25% off Shine with code KAL!
  • Thank you for helping with the Stash 4 Cash! There are still some treasures in the previous post. Let me know what you are interested in and I'll ship it out.
  • CSY/F went out today, it's a beauty! My sample knitter (neighbor!) is going to do a little baby sweater out of the scraps. I can't wait!
  • Octavia has been blocked! Thank you Michele!
  • I've been chaneling Gail and taking lots of pictures in the garden. What a gorgeous time of year.
  • Last weekend the boys and I went up to the Land where all the Oma's live. Ur Oma turned 89 and we helped her celebrate!
Not too shabby for 89 right?! She was marching around the yarn pulling the boys singing german songs.
e loves to sing happy birthday and blow out candles so he was a big help!

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  1. The new CSY is so pretty! I'm blogging it tomorrow...look if you dare!