Friday, June 3, 2011

Stash 4 Cash: Joplin Fundraiser

Howdy! On June 5th I'm going to post some of my personal stash for sale and all $$$ will go to help rebuild Joplin. I got the idea from a yarn shop in Austin Texas hosting a stash sale for their customers. Since I can't go there and participate, why not here on the blog!
A friend from college lives in Joplin. While they were very lucky to not loose anything structurally, they did loose a family member. It's incredible to read her status updates and what's happening there in the community. Stop back by the blog and get some yarn on the cheap and help rebuild Joplin!

Do you have a blog? Do you want to help give Stash 4 Cash? Play along this Sunday! Let me know and I'll share the link.

Another little special treat for you is free shipping in the etsy shop. I have a lot of beautiful fiber and yarn in there ready to ship, use the code SHIPNOW and you won't be paying for shipping! Good through Saturday night.

We're supposed to have beautiful weather here in Portland, I hope it's the same where you live! I'm off to find treasures in the stash to share with you! See you Sunday!

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