Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Wow, never press enter after typing the title of the post. False start!

I actually took pictures to show off my WIP!! I can barely believe it myself! I managed to botch all pictures of my sweater start, but you can see it peaking behind the Yellow Brick Road socks.
I'm going to start on the heel flap tonight! I'm hoping to have both heel flaps done and maybe even start on turning the heel. The sweater is going along smoothly, I'm madly in love with the yarn, and really looking forward to having a sweater knit at a fine gauge. Both projects are reasonably portable and mindless, up until now with the socks.

As I was going through my knitting bag I found a little lingerer! I started this sweater when I was staying at Brooke's for LambTown.
I discontinued the yarn the original sample was in so started up with this one. It's Silky N Plied and a dream to work with. Worsted weight, 60% merino 40% silk. The pattern is Yoked by Hannah Fettig. I sell out of this pattern every show! The pattern is sized from baby (pictured below), all the way up to a 61" bust. The sweater will fit everybody!! And I think it's super flattering for all those sizes. Looks like I just have a few inches to finish this one up. Hmmm, a little tempting to put down the socks and finish this one up!

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