Friday, June 29, 2012

Feature Friday and KAL

Hello summer! Can you believe we're a week and something into summer?! My boys have definitely been enjoying the sun being up later. O is starting to potty train so there's been a lot of naked tush running around. And by potty train I mean I tell him to go pee on the tree every once in a while. Nothing too serious around here : )
The boys enjoying the photo shoot!

This weeks Feature Friday is Cypress Hollow Yarn. I love this yarn! So springy and squishy! 100% Ramboiullet yarn, it's grown and processed in Wyoming. CHY is sport weight with 350 yards a skein. It usually retails for $25 a skein, but I can't share the featured sample knit pattern with you, so it's $22.50 a skein! Enjoy the discount and cast one on!!
Eliza's Wedding Shawl, by Rosemary Hill
I love this shawl! It is so comforting to wear with it's spongy texture. If you're looking for a cozy knit, this one is a winner! And the pattern just happens to be in on of my favorite authors book, Wishes & Stitches, by Rachael Herron. What? You haven't read them yet?! Get on it! 

I just had to share this sweet little apple. Our apple trees and plum tree are crazy full, it's going to be a good harvest!

This is Jorge, the hydrangea. 
Remember how we're doing a  Knit A Long? Yeah, me too! I have my yarn all wound up and I'm ready to cast on. What about you? What color did you pick? I'm going with Peacock. It's my go to color.
Yarn with Lavender
Time to print the pattern, wrangle the right needle size and get going? Have you cast on? How's the pattern treating you so far? 

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