Saturday, June 30, 2012

Tour de Fleece

Is your wheel out? Oiled? Ready to spin through the stash? Incase you don't have enough fiber to power you through all the stages I have two new wools to share. Both are Oregon grown and support one of my favorite shepherdess. I love to support women owned businesses!

Romeldale is a cross between Romney sheep and Ramboiullet sheep. Rambouillet is a French merino and a lovely soft springy wool. Romney sheep are a hearty breed. After breezing through the Wiki description I'm going to guess that farmers crossed the two to increase the health and diversity of Ramboiullet's but still managing to keep the fineness of the fiber. Feel free to correct me if I'm way off! I should really get up and consult my Fleece and Fiber Source book, but the couch is just a little too comfortable at the moment. Romeldale is a rare breed. Yet another reason to support the farmer. I can't wait to get more fleece from her! Next time I'm going to try a white one.

The other fiber I have to offer is Blue Faced Leicester. The staple is so long and the roving is such a open lofty pleasure. This a beautiful white fleece. BFL is a long wool and a great fiber to start with when learning to spin. The staple length is long enough that it doesn't feel like the fiber is slipping through your hands. Because the staple length is long it also provides a more durable yarn. Great for socks or any other garment that will get lots of wear.

Enjoy these beautiful new wools, fresh from central Oregon!!

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