Wednesday, June 6, 2012

WIP Wednesday

The days need to slow down! Why don't we slow down right now and take a tour through my endless WIP's! We'll start with my latest cast on that's almost finished. I'm using Rasta to make a Cape (this is a pattern from Twisted but doesn't appear to be on Ravelry)! I've had my eye on this pattern since I started working at Twisted. I'm making this for Risa, she could use a little something to keep her warm! (Quick update on Risa: She's doing well with her treatment course and is ticking along just fine! Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts for her.) I am planning on knitting until I'm out of yarn and calling it done!
I stayed up last night and cast off! Now to weave in the ends and sew on the button! 

Next up: Goodale Cardigan. I love this sweet little sweater. I'm using DK, and I'm now trying to think of all the things that need to be knit out of this yarn! I'm planning on getting very far on this during the drive to Arcata California this weekend. This will be my first trip with Knitted Wit to California where I won't be doing all the driving! I'm going to try not to bring all the things to knit! Will you be in the Aracata area? This weekend is the Redwood Yarn Stomp. I'm so excited to hang out with Chicken Boots all weekend!
Seeing this picture, I can't believe how far I am! I also noticed that I need to bring more yarn with me so I can keep working on this!

Then there's the Larch Cardigan. Sweet, sweet cardigan. I think I have a sleeve done. Need to get going on the next one I suppose. There was a stockinette slog in the middle that slowed me down, but after the speed of Goodale I think I'm ready to go back!
Wow! Seeing this picture I'm really far! Yay motivation to finish!!

You know I have more, but those are the ones seeing the most action these days! Because I'm going to be gone this weekend I'll be putting the shop on vacation Friday morning and redoing inventory on Tuesday hopefully. Hop on the fiber sale because it's going to California with me and I doubt much will come back! Also, lets just keep the same Feature Friday, ZigZag Pedicure Socks! But the yarn and get the pattern for free.


  1. I love that DK so much; so nice to knit with and I just zoom along on anything I knit with it!

  2. Made Glenna C's Locke St cardigan with your DK that I purchased at Stitches West in February. It's one of my very favorite yarns. Worked perfectly for this pattern.