Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Future WIP

It's been busy around here so I haven't  made much progress on my current WIPs, the kids at the lunch park aren't even impressed! So I thought I would show you a future WIP, the fall KAL. I really hope you'll join me on this adventure. I fell in love with Hiro as soon as I saw it! And Julia is pretty fabulous too. I had been looking for a color work sweater to knit for the boys this fall but I wasn't having much luck with the weight yarn I wanted to use. Along came Hiro and  Hiro Petite. Let me start by saying, I've never done color work. It just seems like the right time to tackle the skill! So if you don't know how, we'll try this out together. And Julia has offered help if we get stranded (ha!). 

For the Hiro adult sweater, it takes 4 colors. Hiro Petite takes 3. Knitted Wit's current color collection has 12. That's a lot of options my friend! Below I've put together some color options, mainly in 3's. It's easy enough to find a 4th to add for the adult sweater. 
For the boy's sweaters I'm thinking I'll knit it up in super wash merino. I haven't decided on DK or worsted yet. I really love the DK, so round and bouncy, but the pattern calls for worsted. I think a little needle adjusting would make the DK work no problem. For the adult one, either of those yarns would work. But you could also class it up a bit with the DK, polwarth and silk. Or just go deluxe with the Silky N Plied. I think the Silky and Plied would be stunning, so shiny!
On to color choices! The color on the left is the main body color. Julia suggested having the highest contrast be between the main color and the first contrast color. Above is Canopy, French Kiss, Thistle.
Prussian Blue, Beaujolais (super washed out from the sun light), Carbon. Nice and sophisticated.
Yellow Brick Road, Brown Sugar, Peacock. I love this combo! So playful. The peacock is a little more green and saturated, the color was washed out in the light. This one might be for Owen. He's such a goofball, this just fits him.
Cedar, Prussian Blue, Carbon. I find this combination very calming. Maybe this one would be perfect for Eli. He's starting Preschool in September is taking it very seriously. These look nice and serious.
Yellow Brick Road, Peacock, Picante. You know I couldn't resist this combo! I'm crazy about these three colors together!
Beaujolais, French Kiss, Moody Blues. Feminine with all the reds, but not so that you want to poke anybody's eye out.
Yellow Brick Road, Peacock, Carbon. Playful and gender neutral, always good!
Peacock, Thistle, French Kiss. I would love this for me! Maybe I'll add carbon and call it mine!
Brown Sugar, Cedar, Prussian Blue, Carbon. Hello Manly! Oh, and the adult pattern comes in cardigan or pull over, that's pretty handy.

What do you think? I would love to hear your color combination ideas! I've pulled a bunch of colors, and I'm going to start little swatches. I can practice color work and see what the colors look like together. I'd like to take pre orders for this KAL so I can have it all ready to go for you on cast on day. Let me know what combination you like and the size and I'll get to dyeing!

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