Wednesday, August 22, 2012

WIP Wednesday

I'm still plugging away on my mystery shawl. My goal is to end clue two (I know, 2!) before coming back next week. What's slowing me down on the knitting front? A little dyeing. Okay, a lot of dyeing! Close to 100 skeins of Cashy are on their way out into the world! 
all 12 colors!
I delivered an order to Twisted today, they have all 12 colors. I'm pretty sure For Yarn's Sake does, too. Nina's in Chicago has a lovely selection, and Wildfiber in LA should soon too.
Brown Sugar, Canopy (richer in person), Carbon, Beaujolais
After getting all the orders out I found a few lonely skeins. The above beauties are up for grabs. Comment away if you want to claim them. I'll try to do a shop update this afternoon if time allows. Cashy is an MCN 70/20/10 (merino/cashmere/nylon). This yarn is a little slice of heaven!
view from Trillium Lake of Mt Hood
And why wouldn't time allow you ask? We're trying to grab all the last bits of summer left. Last week we escaped the heat and spent the day at Trillium Lake with the Oma's. What a beautiful day! We're going to Oaks Amusement park today hopefully and the beach on Thursday! 

Quick Follow Up
  • I'm so excite about CSY!!! Please share the word with all your knitty friends! This CSY is almost twice as big as the first, that's a great start!
  • Have you picked your colors for Hiro yet? I'm trying really hard to stick to knitting the boys sweaters. I really want one!!


  1. The "left-overs" are gorgeous!

  2. You have such pretty colors - I especially like that green! The purple is lovely too.

  3. They are all lovely, but think I like the brown on the left and the grey/blue(?), 2d from right, most.

  4. I've picked my colors for Hiro (Thanks to you and Julia). I can't wait until FALL for the KAL!!

  5. Those "leftovers" are beautiful. I especially love the Beaujolais. The color is so rich and the name is perfect.