Monday, August 20, 2012

Tell Me Something Good: School Supplies

I've decided Monday's will be dedicated to something good. We can all use a little extra good right? Today is all about School Supplies. I l-o-v-e school supplies. I really love buying school supplies. So far the boys don't need me to, instead I fulfill the desire to buy and donate! I've done this for the last 10 years I think. Yeah, before I had kids. I don't know why, but there's something about the fresh beginning of the school year. All the hope, just builds up into me buying color crayons and notebooks!

Here's a few of my tricks. At the beginning of August there are some crazy deals on the essentials. I buy the max that the sale allows. 10 notebooks for $1, 4 glues for a $1. And you know I find the coupons! I know, it's a disease. A fun, happy making disease! I usually set a budget of how much I want to spend, sometimes $20, sometimes $5. There's a lot that can come home with me for $5.

Why am I telling you about school supplies and my love for buying them? Because I want you to join the fun too! At Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival I'll have a donation bucket for you to contribute to. If you donate you'll get a coupon for the online shop! Can't make it to OFFF? Make a donation locally, snap a happy picture and I'll send you a coupon code! All supplies will be donated to Schoolhouse Supplies. A local free store for teachers to shop for school supplies, all run by volunteers. Pretty great!

I think I might revive an old color, school supplies. Seems pretty appropriate!

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  1. I love fresh crayons, and new mechanical pencils! And gel or fountain pens...