Friday, September 2, 2011

Fall KAL

Thank you all for your kind words. My mother in law is doing great with all the testing and uncertainty. It looks like breast and bone cancer, but we won't know more until biopsies are done next week. There's still a chance there's no cancer. I'm thankful that answers are almost here. On to the fall knit a long!

Can you believe it's September?! The weather is changing subtly, giving us a slight preview to the new season coming. All summer I've thought about knitting a sweater and it seems like the perfect season to do it! I picked a sweater, Larch Cardigan. I picked a yarn, Cypress Hollow. Now to pick a color!

The yarn will ship out September 23-26 with a cast on day of October 1st. I'm hoping to finish mine up by US Thanksgiving. I have holiday knitting to do after all! I would encourage you to order your yarn early so I can have it ready to ship on time. It also gives me an idea of how much to order from the mill.

There are four listings in the shop pertaining to what size you'll be knitting. When you check out let me know what color you'd like. If you have any questions about sizing, yarn or colors let me know. Also, if you purchase your pattern before September 5th, all money will be donated to Vermont Farmers that were affected by Irene. You can read more about it here. If you scroll down you can see the destruction left behind.

I hope you'll join me in knitting along this sweet cardigan. I could use the encouragement to keep going! And as a little more motivation lets have some prizes! I'm meeting Rachael at Lambtown (beyond thrilled!) and I'll have her sign a few of her books. If you finish your sweater by Turkey Day you'll be in the running to win an autographed copy of How To Knit A Love Song, How To Knit A Heart Back Home or Wishes and Stitches.

Now I really need to get down to picking a color!

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