Thursday, September 15, 2011

Yarn Spotlight

The KAL start date is quickly approaching, how is it the middle of September already! On October first we'll be casting on for Larch Cardigan using Cypress Hollow Yarn. I wanted to tell you a little bit more about the yarn I use.

The sport weight, two ply, Rambouillet yarn comes from Wyoming. The mill that process the fiber, Mountain Meadows, works with farmers through out the state. Each cone that I get has a label telling me which farm it came from. I love tracing my yarn back to each farmer! A sustainable company, creating a sustainable market for wool.

Here's what Mountain Meadow's has to say about their growing climate: "Our fiber factory begins in Wyoming's rugged mountain climate. Because it is so fine, mountain merino yarn is silky soft to the touch, insulates well, and feels delightful next to your skin." I'm happy to say I agree! I've had sample knitters knitting like the wind and they are in love with this yarn. 

I'm getting 30 pounds of yarn to skein up this weekend, just a little excited! I'll be dyeing up some for a trunk show, but also getting yarn ready for the Knit A Long. The big choice I have to make is color. Rachael is going with Naomi. Naomi is the lead in her newest book, Wishes & Stitches, coming out October 11th. I'm thinking Rig, the male lead in the new book. Oh, decisions! What color are you thinking about? 
Pick one for you!
There is still time to place your order for the KAL! Check sizes, pick color and get ready to cast on! 

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