Thursday, August 14, 2008

Baby it's hot!

I am melting...yuck.  Well the camping trip was a bust.  The camp ground we wanted to stay at didn't have running water, neither did the back up option.  We didn't bring out filter to use for the river running by so we left the area and went to a camp ground that was a little fancier.  We then realized that we forgot E's medicine so we needed to get back as early as possible so he could take it.  Then on our way home I wanted to stop at some kind of farm since we were on the Fruit Loop but none of the farms were open.  GRRRR.  The positives (which I'm really trying to focus on) are we realized how to pack better and what we really need to remember.  e didn't really enjoy so much time in the car seat but trooped through it pretty well.  

Another positive of coming back early was redoing the craft/e room.  I got some new furniture via craigslist and ikea.  What a difference.  No photos because I'm still organizing and there's some bags of junk laying around.  But I'm stuck home due to the heat so I keep chugging away on it.  I'm also hoping to photograph some yarn and wool for the shop.  Now that I know how to use the camera a little better I think the pics will look nicer.  

It's also been nice getting some quality time with e.  I think we're going through a little growth spurt/teeth/major motor skill changes.  He is now rolling onto his tummy, getting his right arm stuck and moving his legs like he's trying to crawl.  That's a lot to accomplish in one move!  
I think I fixed the comment bug Shannon if you want to try again.  If not, will you tell me?  I'm also going to try putting some pics up to see how long it takes to load.  I'm going to try them smaller and you can clickety-click-click to make them bigger.

Aww, we have pictures!  These are the ones I was going to put up a week or two ago.  These are all going to be available at Twisted and in the shop once the photos are taken.  I really like how these turned out.  Perfect for socks, lace, mittens, whatever you dream up.  I've also been thinking about making pairs of colors for mittens that were featured in the fall Vogue issue. There area number of mitten patters out there using color work.  If you are interested let me know.  I like mixing up nutty colors.  I'm off to soak in some cold water.

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  1. U re created a room in this insane heat? You are way more proactive than me. Cant wait to come and see it soon, I will be around when its cooler, until then I will be on lockdown in my air conditioned bedroom!