Monday, August 18, 2008

busy busy busy...

As a bee!  We're gearing up for a trip to Blaine for a family visit.  It's also my ten year reunion.  So many things to say about that but I'm sure you can imagine all the emotions that go with it. We're taking the train up and down which will be quite an adventure.  E will be staying home and working so we'll miss him quite a bit.

Other things keeping me busy is Knitted Wit.  I've slowly been posting things which is fun.  Etsy has gotten a lot faster for posting, it's nice not to sit here waiting for things to load!  I'm also gearing up for the sock club.  Quite the tall order, but looking forward to the exposure.  

I'm really enjoying the little office set up I have going on, I promise I'll take a picture to show you. Pretty modern.  All that HGTV paid off!  

I'm worn out so this might be my last post until we're back from Blaine.  I hope you are enjoying the last bits of summer!


  1. Have fun in Blaine!

    I remember going to my 10 year reunion; I had just had my first baby, too. People are all still posing at the 10 year; it takes about 20 before they loosen up!

  2. Ahh I forgot u have the reunion as well.... you are so brave an independent... camping, travelin by bus to blaine...all with a baby, I cant even do those things on my own... Have fun and I look foward to the stories... Let me know if you need to borrow a wristband.... to cover those u know whats again :)

  3. PS: I tagged you for a meme on my blog in today's post; come check it out!

    How's your knitting?