Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Slightly Rested

See Betty, I'm in a picture!
Vacation is never really a vacation anymore.  Having a baby sort of detracts from rest.  But totally worth every second!  e has a tooth!  On friday it finally popped through.  I think more are close behind.  He did pretty good for having a tooth come in.  I've also learned the importance of a nap. Enough about baby though!

I started knitting!  Ahh.  I'm knitting my first color work piece too.  Endpaper Mitts (Ravelry link) I think they are looking pretty good.
You can see the new office space in the background!  A little messy, but an improvement.
I'm probably knitting too loose to air on the side of caution.  But I also didn't have the right needle size to make the size that would fit me.  I think it all works.  I've done one full repeat of the pattern and have started the second, I'm not sure what I think of the colors I chose.
I might reverse it on the next mitt to see if the pattern shows up better.  I almost wonder if I messed up the pattern because it's not coming through very consistent.  I was knitting this while on the train with my mom and e.  Trying to hold a conversation and make sure e was adequately entertained!  We'll see what the next pattern repeat reveals.  I decided to knit these as samples for the booth at OFFF.  Now that I'm back I feel like I need to dye everyday to get it all done!  I need to call my baby sitters!  

More to come later about the trip, e is now international, and about a treat that will be at OFFF!  E's working on somethings that will be in the booth!


  1. Glad your train trip was smoother than mine! e is an international traveler. Gotta start them young!

  2. Love your blog as always... Do close to almost a pic of momma and baby... when I come over on Saturday be ready, I am taking a pic of you two.... Are you so excited to hang out what! As for the knitting... A talent I cant even grasp.... good job