Monday, July 28, 2008

Catch Up!

There's a lot to catch up on, but little time to squeeze it all in!  I'm going to try and add to this all day then post later this evening.  My life doesn't seem to allow a block of time to finish this task all at once!

On Saturday I had my little de-stashing sale and did quite well.  I was able to put all the left over yarn into one tote instead of two.  I wasn't able to pawn off any fiber but hopefully craigslist will help with that!  Michele came by and kept me company.  She also took some plums off our hands! I can't wait to try the jam she made!

I also had a chance to label all the yarn and fiber with my new labels!  I just need one more little sticker saying needle size and gauge and we are in business!

Speaking of business, I'm hoping to squeeze in some dyeing today.  I called the grandmas yesterday to see when they could come by.  e is going through a new phase that is wearing me out a little faster than usual.  I also haven't had that sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.  Getting a little bit of work done will feel very rewarding!

Well the grandmas have come and gone.  They've decided he's teething.  I kindly disagree.  The took e for a nice little walk and I was able to dye.  I haven't dyed rovings at my house and it's a little different process than the yarn.  Today was a little trial and error, but I know what I need for the next dye adventure.  I was also able to make cookie dough which will be baked tomorrow.  Ahhh, sense of accomplishment.  I'm off to spin my super wash merino (I still have one in the shop).  The purple optimized merino singles rested last night and might be plied the next few days.  

I meant to bring back pictures when I sat down this time but I just didn't get to it.  I'm sure all of you have excellent imaginations and can think of pictures to fill in the spaces!

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