Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Lessons I Learn

We'll I think I'm one of the riders that fell out of the race on the really long hilly day.  Every time I join a project like this I'm super motivated in the beginning.  Then about midway through I don't feel like playing anymore.  I don't like putting constraints on craftyness.  It might also have to do with how busy I've been!
I went to visit a friend and she had a bucket of fiber she wasn't ever going to spin.  I got to go diving and found a few treasures I wanted to try out.  The pictures are from Funky Carolina
fiber.  The friend was apart of a fiber of the month club and had some extras she didn't want to spin.  I love the colors, it's a South African Fine, similar to Merino.  I don't know if the fiber got squished or over cooked, but it's a little felted.  I'm really having to pre-draft to avoid hurting my wrist.  I explained this to E and he thought it was comical I could get an injury from spinning.  I don't think it's that funny.  Anyways.  So now I have to bobbins being used up in projects I'm not super excited about.  The sad thing?  Those are all the bobbins I have.  So I think I'm going to muscle through both projects and get to something more fun.

So another lesson I've learned?  Spin what I like.  That means I have a lot of fibers I don't like and don't plan on spinning anytime soon.  I also decided I had a lot of yarn that I probably would never get to knitting.  So...I'm having a 'Help Me Help Your Stash Grow' Sale.  I'm thinking this Saturday under our carport.  I have three overflowing bins to clean out!  email me (knittedwit at gmail dot com) for directions to the house if you live in Portland.  I'm thinking the sale will be from 9am to 12pm.  Bring some knitting or a spinning wheel if you want.  Yarn, Fiber, a baby, what else do you need on a Saturday morning?  If you have yarn or fiber you want to trade or sale, bring it!  

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  1. I will try to swing by, but I don't really *need* more yarn...

    And yes, you can get a spinning injury. I've had a knitting injury before; I got tendinitis one crafty mom weekend because I was powering through a cotton project!