Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Mission Accomplished

I finally tackled a little sewing!  For some reason I built the whole thing up in my head as a major chore, but it was pretty easy and more important, fun!  I'm hoping to make more of these.  I used all the lavender I had in the house, so I need to find a new source for that.  Sorry the picture is a little blurry, I don't have super steady hands and I hate flashes.  

So I made 18 of these little sachets that have lavender, a little rice and a few stray rose petals.  I'll be adding them to the shop when I do a photo shoot of the hand spun yarn.  It's almost dry, so I think I can photograph tomorrow.  The other sewing project I plan on tackling are the little pants I made for e.  I have about four cut out that I need to sew.  Unfortunately he already has grown out of that size.  So you guessed it, I'll be adding them to the shop too!  I need to figure out the assembly line approach to the project though.  That's what really helped the sachet's go along so quickly.  

Real quick, the boys are taking a nap.  I fear it's about to end so I'm going to get some spinning done real fast.

Pretty precious huh?

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