Thursday, July 3, 2008

Small Change in Plans

Last night was a rough night, mainly no sleep.  So today has been a little slower and choosing small projects to be accomplished.  I'm still hoping to get a photo shoot in this afternoon and then add a few items to the shop.  

I'm participating in the Tour De Fleece this year and I'm very excited.  The focus this year to spin from the stash, which I have an ample supply of.  I had already chosen that as a personal goal for the summer, so just a little reinforcement!  I'm going to try and finish up the project I have going now so I can start a new one on the 5th.  I need to start spinning little bits up for the Farmer's Market.  Last year I sold a bunch of starts and stop hand spun for $5.  The basket was empty by the end of the day!  So I guess my goal for the Tour De Fleece is to start spinning up the oldest junk in the box, making my way to the freshest.  

Gosh I'm tired.  I'm having a hard time organizing my thoughts!  Next post I'll show the quilt I dragged out to start working on again and hopefully a finished spinning project!  Sorry no pictures.

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  1. Did the storm wake you last night? I was up from 3 to 4 am because it was so LOUD. So I gave in and knit. Hope you get your crafty energy back soon!